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Social Wars is a great strategy game published and developed by Social points for Facebook. The game allows the players to build a strong base with lots of defensive buildings as well as train attacking units to defend their base from alien invasion. Player also needs to take control of all the finances involved in building a strong Military city. It’s a freemium game where anyone can play for free and premium content can be bought by paying real money. The game has gained lots of popularity since its launch and has more than four million registered active monthly users.

The game provides more benefits to the paid users as they can progress faster by buying strong Military units. There are many Social wars cheats and hacks available online, which claims to provide the users with lots of great features. However, most of the Social wars hacks available online do suffer from lots of technical limitations. To overcome this problem we have devised the best Social wars hack, which is free from crash and errors. Social wars hack 2014 is equippe
d with many features which will surely enhance your gaming experience.

Our hack is also compatible with all the operating systems including Windows, Linux as well as Mac and works great on all popular web browsers. The game depends on four main resources which are Golf, wood, steel and oil, so your success and failure in the game depends on abundance and scarcity of these resources. Social wars hack 2014 can generate unlimited amount of these resourcesinstantly so you can build most effective defensive system without gathering these resources. Energy is also an important component in the game as you require energy points to perform lots of action. Our hack can generate energy points for you in an instant so you can have uninterrupted gaming experience. 

Cash is game currency which is required to buy expansion packs and lots of strong defensive as well as attacking buildings. With our hack you can have all the cash you need and that too without spending a dime.

If you are scared of bans or suspensions then don’t be as Social Wars hack 2014 has an anti banfeature, which prevents you from getting banned. There is no need to manually update our hack as it has built in auto update features, which installs all the new updates automatically. Stuffed with all these features, Social Wars 2014 is the strongest and safest hack for Social Wars. So, stop wasting your money on buying premium benefits, just download our hack and enjoy.

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